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I. Intercultural communication: pedagogical perspectives

0. Globalization, Internet, Diversity

1. ICC from the viewpoint of learners

2. Principles of ICC

2.1. Language and Culture

2.2. Mediation between cultures

2.3. Channels of communication

2.4. Ethnocentrism

2.5. Practical suggestions

II. The Rediscovery Strategy in English Language Learning

1. Introduction

2. The Rediscovery Strategy

3. Phonological Perspective

4. Morphosyntactic Perspective

5. Lexical perspective (transparency of word structure)

6. Intercultural Perspectives

6.1. Classroom English

6.2. Body languages

6.3. Christmas Traditions

7. Research Centre Facilitating Intercultural Studies

7.1. Intercultural Mediator Training Programme

7.2. Explaining, Translating British Realia

7.3. Explaining, Translating  Hungarian Realia

8. Practice

8.1. Describe British /American Holidays compared with Hungarian Counterparts

8.2. Give Explanations according to Jackie Maguire's book.