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What does research tell us?

Research regarding the results of blended learning experiences suggest that the advantages of incorporating computer-mediated activities in traditional, more established classroom forms (i.e., face-to-face methods) lie mostly in the fact that these two work forms provide simultaneous opportunities for independent and collaborative learning experiences. This, in turn, has been shown to contribute to student satisfaction and success in the courses where blended learning is implemented (Garrison & Kanuka, 2004).

Studies also argue that by incorporating information technology into class work, communication between students and between students and lecturers has improved. Apparently, students also became able to get a more profound understanding of the course mateiral and to contribute to self-evaluation and peer evaluation. Finally, incorporating computer-mediated activities has been shown to provide students with special interests, talents or skills more opportunities to develop (KQED. Retrieved 2014-05-24).