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Students’ feedback to the course

The last face-to-face session also provides the opportunity for students to reflect on the course content and on tasks types used during face-to-face sessions and online mode. You will find it useful to ask for semi-structured feedback via e-mail or the discussion forum, by asking students to reflect on:

  • Tasks they liked best and least;
  • Studies they enjoyed reading and the ones they didn't;
  • What benefits of blended learning they could identify;
  • What they found difficult to accomplish;
  • Suggestions to improve the course.
While I have always found written feedback more well though-of than spontaneous oral feedback, the latter may also enrich your understanding of the specific areas that might be improved in the course. If you encourage students to reflect on the course in the frame of informal classroom discussion, you help create awareness of how critical thinking and along with this meaning is constructed in a dialogic process by participants.