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Online task 3

The next task is an extension of Online task1 and it is meant to support students' meaning making, by linking the text to their own experiences and original ideas. Tutors will produce a handout based on Bruno Bettelheim's Introduction to The Uses of Enchantment and ask students to complete the handout with concrete examples from their own fairy-tale experiences:

The uses of enchantment: The meaning and importance of fairy tales.

Read the summary of ideas below. Add your own thoughts and concrete examples to each highlighted issue. Which tales and characters, what events can you think of that match the descriptions?

Fairy tales

take existential dilemmas and anxieties seriously - speak to the child about inner pressures in a way that he unconsciously understands.

e.g. loneliness, separation anxiety, mortal anxiety: List stories here.  

(cf. „safe stories:" ...) List stories here.

and offer solutions in a symbolic form

e.g. emotional bonds, helpers: List solutions here.

are future-oriented

guide the child towards a more satisfying independent existence: List endings here.

speak simultaneously to all levels of human personality - children extract personal meanings from them at different times in their lives: Give an example here.

provide implicit moral education

e.g. children identify with heroes (not with abstract ethical concepts): „The question for the child is not 'Do I want to be good?' but 'Who do I want to be like?' " (p.10)