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Online task 1

Before setting the first online task the tutor should set up a discussion forum for discussing classroom-related issues. Course participants should be informed about the existence of the forum. The first online task can be assigned right after the first face-to-face session, for example:

CNN Documentary clip on George Soros and Hungary

  1. Pre-viewing task: Write down what images you would put in a clip about Hungary. What is the message that you'd want to communicate with the images? (What would be the encoded message in your "clip")

  2. Watch the clip. Make notes of the most important symbols or references the clip has about:
  3. a) Hungary

    b) an American immigrant

    The clip is available at:


  4. Make a list (3-5 items) of emotions that representations of Hungary have evoked in you while watching.

    • Negative (what makes you feel that way?)

    • Positive (what makes you feel that way?)

  5. In a brief statement (one sentence or two the most) answer each of the following questions. The questions are designed to possibly generate discussions. In your response, however, it is enough to give a very short answer.

    • How is the documentary representative of Hungary?

    • What does CNN communicate about Hungary?

    • Is it stereotypical?

    • What did you think about George Soros before watching the report? Did watching the clip change your views in any way?

  6. In one paragraph (four to five lines) explain how CNN's reporter starts the conversation. How is it shocking? What is his purpose with such introduction?