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Narratives in TEFL, Issues in Language Pedagogy

By the year 2014, blended learning is not a question it is a fact. The term means more than a simply technology-rich institution. It requires individual access to computers or other high-tech apparatus that could make materials, tasks and group mates immediately accessible. In blended learning traditional roles are reevaluated. The teacher practices control over the course syllabus, the materials and the tasks. On the other hand, students participate in the learning process with increased responsibility for their own learning as they control the place, the time, the sequence and the pace of their own learning. It is in part online learning and in part attending classes at a traditional educational institution. Online means that participants are required to solve problems and process the required materials posted online by the course tutor. The traditionally taught component of the course involves traditionally implemented coursework at the student's host institution that runs the entire program. The course components taught at the brick-and-mortar facility provide instructions, explanations, model activities that help students process the online component on their own. Partial supervision ensures the quality of learning and gives scaffolding to individual student work, increasing the responsibility of students to prepare and think about materials.

There has been an increasing demand among students at the Institute of English Studies, University of Pécs for blended learning courses, which integrate face-to-face classroom instruction with online tasks and techniques. The frames of blended learning allow students to attend a course taught by a tutor in a traditional classroom setting, while also independently completing online components of the course at home or anywhere outside the classroom. This means that within blended learning, in-person learning (that is traditional class instruction) is supplemented by online learning experiences in a way that they complement one another.